Commercial Property Owner:

“Sakib is a very pragmatic and detail oriented litigator. I worked with him on a claim that spanned 3 years from filing to resolution. He was very adept at explaining the status of the case throughout the process and provided sound guidance as the case evolved on likely outcomes. He’s a very firm negotiator, yet has a non-abrasive manner that keeps the dialogue open between the parties. Ultimately he saw the case through to a favorable resolution.”

General Contractor:

“Sakib represented me and my company in a construction insurance claim that spanned several years and was my first experience in this area. He guided me through extremely well every step of the way and was extremely attentive to details. He understands the area of construction not just legally but practically as well, which helped him build a great case for me. We eventually won exactly what we were looking for and I am grateful for all of Sakib’s advice, expertise and care in the case.”

Material Manufacturer:

“Sakib did a great job bringing a difficult case to a satisfying conclusion. He worked through some difficult obstacles in getting us a fair settlement!”